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One Script for the Jobs.ie competition:
(A second idea is being formulated – and will appear shortly)[i:e3649]
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got to go to bed….. 2 o’ clock……
p.s. 2 in the morning and I HAVEN’T been drinking (i don’t think)[/i:e3649][/size:e3649][/color:e3649]
by John Roche.

A weather man stands, in a suit, stands before a blue screen. Shot is taken from the point of view of the camera focused directly in front of the weatherman! The weatherman is pointing to the top left of the canvas while smiling at the camera.
Weatherman: and as you can see: this slow moving cold front, approaching from the northwest, there will be rain covering most of Ireland late tonight, and should cover the whole country by midday tomorrow.
Moving to the right half a step, and swirling his arm over an area to the top center of the camera view/ blue screen.
Weatherman: There may even a slight chance of snow, in high lying areas. So, please drive carefully and beware of flooding. Have a good night!
The Camera starts to go away from the weatherman and comes backwards out of a TV, and turns 90 degrees to show a youngish, in typical farming clothes, (old, dried mud etc.) couple eating dinner at a “wood”/gas (being environmentally friendly) fire with warm glow. Man turns to wife:
Man: I’d say it takes him ages to prepare each time he goes on air, but I dunno how he sticks the same thing over and over…
As man turns his head back to the T.V./Camera. There is a little overlap between the sound of a voice and the switch back to the studio as
The camera shows the weatherman shake his head from side to side, opens his mouth wide to get his jaw muscles out of his smile, loosen his tie and thanks the camera man.
Voice of to the side:Mr. Reliable, Martin, pause destined for greatness.
Weatherman(Martin):Easy when you love your job
Zoom in on the weatherman as a smile returns to his face.
Slogan scrolls across screen:
“Different people love different jobs.
The difference is opportunities.
The difference is http://www.Jobs.ie