Aspiring to be great


Name: John Roche


ACTOR (dunno – but am game for anything once….. or twice)
DIRECTOR (not really)
SRIPT WRITER (Would love to)
IDEAS (The sky and stars aren’t enuf….)

After watching movies (and cause I’ve watched so bleedin many it’s amazing I don’t have glasses) I feel that the best way to act is to act normal/ put as much of yourself into the role as possible… I’m not saying I have the charisma of such actors as Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood, but to watch their films there is always a certain (I believe "a large") measure of the same person in every character they play… Personally, I believe acting is like telling a lie, and the best way to tell a lie is to put as much truth into it as possible to disguise the truth from the lie.. This is what I see happening when I watch actors (good actors) struting their stuff…. Personally, I believe on a good day I could convince God that a lie is truth or the truth a lie….

I’m not great at the whole english thing… and anything I write would need a sh*t load of editing (not that I’ve writen anything as of yet) but i like the idea that I’m an "aspiring artist"… so basically I’ll be gettng the finger out and down to some typing pronto…[/color:19df0]

EDITED: 13 Dec 2006
If anyone needs a storyboard for any production I would be willing and feel I’m able….. need of references not essential… but a huge help….