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I’m very surprised that you would post up here about something like this in this manner , after we had a private conversation on the matter I thought we had reached an understanding , perhaps I’ll have to publicly restate what we agreed.

In egomotion we try to collaborate and co-operate to get shoots done. That spirit is there on professional paid shoots and on amateur creative shoots.
We each give the time and resources that we are able to, to any project we work on , and we never commit more than possible. If it happens that other commitments get in the way, we approach the filmmaker responsible , tell them the truth about it and explain why we don’t have the time . I think that all the actors and crew who use the forum do the same.

You and Mick both separately and individually approached Dan and informed him that you wouldn’t be able to commit time to the Pork Pies project. Dan accepted this and accepted your reasons for not having the time.

After Dan advertised for replacement actors you contacted him , because you felt that he should wait until you did have time to commit to the project. I felt Dan couldn’t stall his project for two actors , albeit lead roles , when so many others are committed to the project schedule. I told Dan to proceed with two new actors and contacted you directly and explained this to you . You accepted this at the time and as far as I knew we could look forward to working together in the future .

I am sorry you feel you wasted you’re time , but this forum is like most things in life , what you get out of it is directly related to what you put in.

Since the 17th of November last you have posted twice on this forum ( Including this thread. ) Several times you have contacted Dan and asked him to post on your behalf. I think that speaks volumes on yourself.

Best of luck in your future endeavours