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I’d Like to try HDCam if I could afford it ,

Some of my favorite TV shows and Movies ( cinematography wise) of the last few years have been
HDCam shot .

I Just like the sharpness detail and richness, I think it forces you to think more about the composition of the shot and in that way is improving the way
cinematographers approach their film. So yeah for a ten minute short with a bit of money I’d try HDCAM

That said I’d nearly push that decision to last when budgeting , Script the film , Work out what you want to do visually , cost that physically , then apply the cost of the format for capturing it . then see what impact changing the format up or down will have on all the other things .

I suppose I’m trying to say make the best movie you can regardless of how you capture it . Rather than committing to a format in advance of the prep.