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Heres my CV; :P

PM for info.


Height: 5ft. 5in.
Eyes: Blue-green.

Relevant Experience:

2006; Recital lady/ Jane Austen fan in feature film; “Becoming Jane”, a Jane Austen biopic.
2005: Lead speaking role in “Friend of a friend” a student film for the 2005/06 film festival.
2005-2006: Choreographed and live combat displays for parades and events.
2004:Acting for film, television, and commercials course- Irish film actors workshop, by Shane Munro.
2004/03: Main part in “Bleeding lip”, short film by the UCC film society, for the 2004 film festival.
2003: Samurai warrior in introductory logo sequence, for U.C.C’s film society.
2003: Played Evil demon in; “Dance of the red death” by Nocturne
2003: Involvement in making of “The chamber”, by Nocturne.
2003: Employed as lookalike for Hermione Granger for the launch of “Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix”, by the Wexford Book-centre, for meet and greet, publicity & promotion, Book readings etc.
1993-1998: Member of Drama group, performing in productions of;
“Oliver!”, “Annie get your gun”, “Joseph and his Technicolor coat”,
“Noah and his floating Ark”, “My fair lady”, “Little Women” and “The Emperor and the nightingale”.
Weapons training: Ongoing training in Medieval weapons; Sword, axe, spear and longbow with U.C.C’s Medieval and Renaissance society.
Member of the society of Black shields.
Swimming: Gained 500 metre badge.
Martial Arts: Focus Freestyle Kickboxing training. Competent at cycling and football.