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[b:fc2c5]Name:[/b:fc2c5] Damien Coughlan
[b:fc2c5]Phone:[/b:fc2c5] 0863721592

Screen Writing
Boom Operation
Sound recording
Operating Film equipment

Oh no, my gums are bleeding (16mm) Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
Seomra Foirne (16mm) 2nd AC
Unlucky for some (16mm) Production manager, 3rd AD, Sound
Any colour you like (TV Studio) Floor Manager
Risk Management (TV Studio) Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
A Dogs Day (Super8) Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Camera
The Break-up (TV Studio) Lighting
The Assanation of JFK (TV Studio) Camera
Framed (Group TV Program) Writer, Director, Editor, Camera, Sound

Please don’t hesitate to contact me in regards to anything from job offers, questions, seeing my work, showing me yours or just some advice