Well,┬áSean actually checking in on the Blog , Wonders will never cease . Last Night I Got to have a look at the Made in Cork Shorts programme 1 . There was high Quality stuff there and it was amazing to see them hold up on a screen bigger than the Kino ( RIP ) but the Gat proved to be an enjoyable venue to have it in . I loved the Sound design in Particular in Kettle , as well as the Acting performance from Casey , ( in that and in Heart too ) I was interested in the Cinematography in SilentGirl , although Mrs W didn’t care for the film . Cheaters was a solid first short with humor ( Ickle Marie had fun doin that one I’d say )

Anyway I’m mad for making Films again , having seen what everyones been up to over the last year or so that I’ve been busy !!See ye all around this week !!