140 – Global Twitter Film Project

140 – Global Twitter Film Project

twitter-logo_000jpegFilmmakers of the world (and Twitter) Unite.
140 filmmakers from around the world will join together on Twitter for a very unique film project, of global proportions.

Via Twitter we will converge from our respective cities around the world and await the signal. That signal will come from me. The filmmakers will commit to being by their computers, laptops, mobile phones at the designated time, whatever it may be, whether it be 2am, 3am, 11pm, 5pm, 8am… you get the idea!

When the signal is given we will all film at the same time and in the expedient spirit of Twitter we must only film 140 seconds. The same 140 seconds the world over.

This is about connection. Look at how the Internet connects us, how twitter presents a unique way to be a part of someone’s life as it happens. Connection.

So capture what connects you to your home. Whether it be landscapes, cityscapes, the wind in the trees, cars on the highway, a lover sleeping, or making tea, the smile of a child or laugh of a friend… whatever it may be. What is special about your home? What connects you to it? And can you capture that in 140 seconds?

The filmmakers then send the footage to me, uncut. I will cut it to a feature length visual dedication to our homes and the 140 seconds that connected us.

I will make each segment available online in its entirety at a later date. A world map will be displayed, so a user can click on your home and view you 140 seconds.

Everyone will be credited as Directors in their cities. If you feel up to the challenge then join Twitter today and follow me, frankwkelly and await updates.


Frank Kelly – Director – Drogheda – Ireland

Where are you from?

The filmmaker who have joined to date are:

Name – Location – Twitter handle

1. Frank Kelly – Drogheda, Ireland – frankwkelly

2. Elliot Kotek – LA, USA

3. Gustavo Ron – Madrid, Spain

4. Iulia Rugina – Bucharest, Romania – iulia_rugina

5. Santana Issar – Mumbai, India

6. Varda Hardy – LA, USA

7. Anna Christopher – LA USA

8. James Gross – Indianapolis, USA – 1stswashbuckler

9. Shannon Mullins – Indianapolis, USA – thirteenthman

10. Laura Kidd – London, UK – warriorgirl

11. Ryan Little & Adam Abel – Utah, USA

12. Luis Sosa – Mexico City, Mexico – luis_sosa

13. Chris Ford – Mill Valley, CA, USA – hotshave

14. Marc Havener – Lawrence, KS, USA – yohaves

15. Alice Brooks – Biddeford, Maine, USA – alicebrooks

16. Margaret Johnson – San Francisco, USA – maggiejca

17. Marina Blanco – Southern CA, USA

18. Jon Fitzgerald – Venice Beach, CA, USA

19. Lisa Gornick – Kentish Town, London, UK

20. Chris Billing – Washington DC, USA

21. Robert Sucato – Phoenix, Arizona, USA

22. Jill Carter – Toronto, Canada – jillcarter

23. Guy Shahar – NYC, USA – viteforguy

24. Michael Albanese – LA, USA – mivialarts

25: Rob Sorrenti – London, England – monsoon130

26: Oskar Thor Axelsson – Reykjavik, Iceland

27. Emily Best – Brooklyn, MYC, USA – emilybest

28. Trampas Thompson – Los Angeles, USA

29. Mairin DeBarra – Dublin, Ireland – mdebarra

30. Gavan Muprhy – Marino, Ireland – touchmeimhappy

31. Brent Gudgel – Pasedena, USA – brentgudgel

32. Markus Görgens– Berlin, Germany – schattenwandler

So that’s the shape of things so far. More filmmakers are joining daily, even as I type this emails are coming in!

I feel like I’ve started something special and it is already becoming bigger then me. I know it’s going to be something quite special for all involved. And even though it’s on a global scale, it’s going to be something personal and intimate for everyone involved and I think that will come across in the final piece as we endeavor to capture a few moments of our entire planet, connected in a single vision.