Signatures & Reality Bites Deadlines Announced

ifblogo07-fWANTED: Short Film Scripts for the SIGNATURES and REALITY BITES Schemes

The deadlines for the Irish Film Board’s flagship short film scheme SIGNATURES and the short documentary scheme REALITY BITES have been announced. Applications will now be accepted until Friday, July 17th for Signature applications while Reality Bites applications will be accepted until Friday, August 7th.

SIGNATURES is a short film scheme for the making of live-action, fiction films that act as a proving-ground for Irish creative talents which aims to encourage strong, original storytelling, visual flair, and production values appropriate to the big screen.

The first round of Signatures shorts premiered last year at the Cork Film Festival and included Rory Bresnihan’s The Man Inside which won The Best European Short Film at the European Independent Film Festival earlier this year.

The scheme is an opportunity for producers, directors and writers to work in a professional environment that will allow them to further their experience.

REALITY BITES aims to encourage experimentation and a fresh approach to short non-fiction filmmaking. We are looking for something new in the use of the documentary form, whether the projects are journalistic or creative, observational or aesthetic, objective or personal.

The successful short films will premiere at the Corona Cork Film Festival next year.

Rock with your Cork out DVD goes on Sale!

dvd-rock-caseRock with your Cork out, the feature length documentary about the Cork Rock Scene goes on sale today at Plugd Records.

Price: €15

The southern enclave of Ireland has long had the reputation for rebelliousness and when it comes to music we hate to disappoint. This happy band of rockers dedicate themselves to music with scant regard for trends, haircuts or market demographics. Despite tough times they’ve managed to create a scene where there is now a thirst for live music, an audience for diversity and, in a world where it’s all been done before, a fierce desire to hear something new, something real.

ROCK WITH YOUR CORK OUT includes live gig
footage and interviews with the people who make the scene happen including Stanley Super 800, Snowman, Exit the Street, Anacrusis, Hope is Noise, Fred, Neon Flea Circus, The Frank and Walters, Fight Like Apes and many more.

This film is a must for anyone with an interest in New Irish Music or indeed any musician with hopes of being heard. This is the story of facing insurmountable odds and doing it anyway.
For those of you about to Rock…
We Salute You!

IFB Short Shorts Deadline Announced


The Irish Film Board have announced the call for submissions for the next round of the Short Shorts scheme with a new deadline of Friday, May 8th, 2009. Successful short films will premiere at the Cork Film Festival in November.

Short Shorts funds up to seven, 3-5 minute films and aims to encourage the making of ultra short films. The scheme was modified last year so that the films have to conform to a particular genre each year.

The theme for this years short films, whether live action or animated is ‘Films with No Dialogue’. Not specifically meaning silent films, films where the soundtrack can contain anything except audible dialogue such as the Mr. Bean television series is a good example of this type of genre. By packaging the shorts together under this specific genre, this will allow the IFB to market the Short Shorts more effectively internationally.

Some recent shorts to be funded by the scheme include Declan Cassidy’s ‘Whatever Turns You On’ which picked up the Best Film awards at the Florence Film Festival in Italy and Filmstock Film Festival in Britain last November; ‘Atlantic’ directed by Conor Ferguson and starring Liam Cunningham which was released in cinemas nationwide in front of the feature film ‘32A’, a

nd the short horror film ‘Shapes’ by Alan Brennan, which was officially selected for the renowned Palm Springs International Film Festival 2008.

more info here

Deadline for Frameworks Scheme Announced by IFB

ifblogo07-fThe deadline for the short animation scheme – Frameworks – co funded by BSÉ/IFB, the Arts Council and RTÉ has been announced for Friday, April 24th.

The Frameworks scheme is provided for the development and making of 6 animated short films per year with a budget of up to €50,000 awarded to each film. Films can be in Irish or English with a maximum duration of 6 minutes

FRAMEWORKS is an established scheme for the making of animated short films which BSÉ/IFB considers to be so successful in stimulating ground-breaking new work from Irish animators that it intends to continue the scheme in its present form.

Projects selected for funding will combine creative exploration with an ability to appeal to a broad audience.

Films may be made in Irish or English.

Parameters of the Scheme
–  Number of films: up to 6 per year

–  Duration: maximum 6 minutes

–  Budget per film: maximum €50,000

–  Format:
–  Origination using any technique or format
–  Delivery on digi-beta
–  Further funding to cover costs of 35mm prints may be
provided where a film obtains a bona fide theatrical
release in Ireland or is invited to a major international
film festival, subject to BSÉ/IFB regulations in force at
the time

Application forms can be downloaded from IFB website