Deadline for Frameworks Scheme Announced by IFB

ifblogo07-fThe deadline for the short animation scheme – Frameworks – co funded by BSÉ/IFB, the Arts Council and RTÉ has been announced for Friday, April 24th.

The Frameworks scheme is provided for the development and making of 6 animated short films per year with a budget of up to €50,000 awarded to each film. Films can be in Irish or English with a maximum duration of 6 minutes

FRAMEWORKS is an established scheme for the making of animated short films which BSÉ/IFB considers to be so successful in stimulating ground-breaking new work from Irish animators that it intends to continue the scheme in its present form.

Projects selected for funding will combine creative exploration with an ability to appeal to a broad audience.

Films may be made in Irish or English.

Parameters of the Scheme
–  Number of films: up to 6 per year

–  Duration: maximum 6 minutes

–  Budget per film: maximum €50,000

–  Format:
–  Origination using any technique or format
–  Delivery on digi-beta
–  Further funding to cover costs of 35mm prints may be
provided where a film obtains a bona fide theatrical
release in Ireland or is invited to a major international
film festival, subject to BSÉ/IFB regulations in force at
the time

Application forms can be downloaded from IFB website