egoblog launch

egomotionThe egomotion blog has arrived!

egomotion is a Cork based film-makers community that provides members with internet discussion groups and meeting points, personal networking opportunities, film making opportunities and an ever-growing database of local industry resources.

egomotion is dedicated to:

1. Networking regional talent, to allow them more job opportunities, and a chance to learn from one another toward the improvement of their craft

2. Assisting film-makers in their endeavours to create movies in the southwest, by putting enthusiastic, skilled and dedicated people in contact with each other and listing resources available at their disposal

3. Developing a rich film-making tradition in the southwest

4. Promoting national awareness of film making in the Cork region, thereby increasing film-making opportunities in the region

5. Involving the broadest possible section of the community in the production and promotion of film in the Cork region

6. Creating a portfolio of films that deal with diverse social, political, historical and cultural issues of particular interest to the southwest region