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A Palestinian rocket fired from Gaza exploded nearby the home of Israel’s defense minister Wednesday, killing a woman and raising the prospect of a fresh Israeli military offensive against militant rocket squads.CBS News correspondent Robert Berger reports that rockets are fired just about every day at the town of Sderot, but this was the 1st time in more than a year that anyone was killed. Militants connected with the Palestinians’ ruling Hamas group and Islamic Jihad both claimed responsibility to the first deadly rocket attack from Gaza since Israel withdrew in September 2005. The trainer told us the rocket fire was intended to avenge the deaths of 19 civilians killed a week ago in an Israeli shelling in the northern Gaza capital of scotland- Beit Hanoun.That deadly strike, which Israel said was unintentional, came after Israeli troops wound up a weeklong incursion in Beit Hanoun meant to curb Palestinian rocket-launching operations there. But rocket attacks continued off their spots in Gaza during the incursion, and resumed from Beit Hanoun after the troops pulled out.The rocket that fell Wednesday in Sderot landed about 150 yards from your home of Defense Minister Amir Peretz.Leah Malul, a spokeswoman for Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon, said a female was killed, a man was critically injured and many passersby were slightly wounded by shrapnel.Police identified the critically injured man being a member of Peretz’s security detail, who had previously been on patrol around the defense minister’s house once the rocket hit.David Baker, the official in the office of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, said Israel’s battle against rocket squads clearly had not ended.Berger summed up the daily tit-for-tat attacks inside the Mideast more bluntly in his report, predicting, “now, it’s Israel use strike back.””The continued Palestinian rocket attacks on Sderot and surrounding communities inside Israel do understand evidence that Israel cannot let in its defense of its citizens and has to root out these rocket launchers in addition to those who perpetrate these attacks,” Baker said.The army said Palestinians fired a total of 12 rockets on Wednesday; six landed in Israel. Four with the rockets struck the coastal town of Ashkelon, which is the farthest point north that Palestinian rockets are in.Although the attacks on the city are not the first, and caused no injuries, they could prompt the military to escalate its reply to the attack on Sderot.The homemade projectiles are primitive and rarely cause casualties, but they have killed eight people since 2001, most recently in July 2005. The near-daily rocket fire has badly unnerved residents of places, like Sderot, which can be frequent targets.Peretz planned to convene a unique meeting of senior security officials later from the day.”Terror organizations will pay much price,” he said in the statement. no previous page next 1/2 President Clinton caps a week of partisan wrangling having a Democratic Party celebration. He is speaking Friday to a fund-raising lunch commemorating the 150th anniversary from the party’s national committee. He’s also presenting the Teacher of the season award at a White House ceremony Body in which he’ll again complain concerning the failure of the GOP Congress to approve his education plans. Clinton wants to administer national reading and math tests, hire 100,000 more teachers and build or refurbish 5,000 schools. Lawmakers instead have dicated to ban federal tests and possess approved tax breaks for parents of private school kids. Earlier this week, obama criticized Congress for letting his tobacco, day care and environmental measures languish.Friday’s wrangling follows nighttime of White House celebration at which Mr. Clinton and Democrats – including former Reps. Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky and Dan Rostenkowski – involved in unabashed self-congratulation and vindication for the 1993 budget. CBS News White House corresponent Bill Plante reports that Mr. Clinton credited that $500-billion package, divided about evenly between tax increases and spending cuts, with setting the economy on the road to prosperity and turning annual federal deficits in a projected surplus this year the 1st since 1969. “You should take a lot of pride at this golden moment in America’s history, using the economy up and our social problems down as well as the deficit moving to zero,” Clinton told Democratic individuals the old 103rd Congress. The East Room party, which even Second in command Al Gore acknowledged was “an unusual gathering,” had air of half-reunion, half-revival as the elected mingled over white wine with all the convicted and the ousted. Rostenkowski, who was also defeated in 1994 after 18 terms in Congress, was welcomed by his former colleagues with applause and hugs just like a redeemed martyr. The Chicago Democrat was launched from prison last fall after pleading guilty in 1996 to 2 felony counts of misusing public funds. Well before the party, the Republican National Committee issued multiple press releases reminding reporters that the ballyhooed budget raised taxes – though mainly on the wealthiest of Americans and that Clinton once expressed regret. The RNC also circulated on its letterhead a scathing editorial from your Washington Times that called Clinton’s celebration “revisionist history,” “silly” and “wrong.”
Authorities say a Florida woman ran over two teenage brothers when they accidentally hit her sport utility vehicle with a golf ball they were bouncing within a parking lot, critically injuring one of many boys.According to St. John’s County sheriff’s Deputy Greg Suchy, Isiah Grayer, 14, with his fantastic 16-year-old twin stepbrothers, Justin and Jamel Marshman, were bouncing the basketball in a shopping center parking lot Sunday afternoon in the event it went astray and struck a hobby utility vehicle driven by Kathy Feaganes Allen, 47.Suchy said no damage was completed, and the boys apologized and began to walk away. He says Allen begun to drive away, but suddenly designed a U-turn, ran over a median thus hitting Grayer, causing severe injuries, after which hit Justin Marshman.”I tried to run. I blacked out. I woke up bleeding,” Justin Marshman told The Florida Times-Union.Shop dead she then went after Jamel – who broke into a run and managed to avoid being hit as the SUV crossed two medians, struck a computer program pole and stalled outside in a ditch.Witness Russell McPhee said Allen accelerated heading to the boys.”She charged them,” he was quoted saying. “This was the most deliberate act.””Thank God to the light post,” McPhee told CBS News Affiliate WTEV-TV, “because that saved another boy.”McPhee said he yelled at Allen to keep where she was when she got from her car.”After she ran them down, she got out of your car and lit a cigarette being a movie star,” he said. “She watched seventy one of (the boys) just lying there.”Allen then borrowed a phone from a bystander – Terry Gerspch – to call her husband. Gerspch says Allen seemed unfazed.”She was as calm as anything,” she said. “She said the boys were throwing rocks at her car.”McPhee said Jamel, the uninjured brother, ran to Allen’s car and confronted her: “He just kept asking ‘Why? Why do you do this?'”Grayer is in critical condition at Shands Hospital in Jacksonville. Justin Marshman was treated for non-life threatening injuries at Flagler Hospital.Brent Woolbright in the St. Johns County Public Defender’s Office said he’s been assigned to Allen’s case Monday and is also trying to get all the facts.”I talked to her, and her story is a bit different that what was reported,” said Woolbright.Allen told the judge she has mental problems. The court Monday ordered her held without bail on three counts of attempted murder. mulberry iphone Suspected leftist rebels raided a ranch in one of Colombia’s biggest cocaine-producing regions, bound 34 farm workers with the hammocks they had been sleeping in, and gunned them down, officials said.Authorities didn’t yet have a motive for your attack on Tuesday near La Gabarra, an area mayor, Taiz Ortega, told The Associated Press on the phone. The town is 310 miles northeast from the capital, Bogota.The attack seemed to be the work of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, Colombia’s largest guerrilla group, that is fighting to topple the us government for 40 years.Ortega said the victims apparently worked in fields of coca — the raw ingredient in cocaine — however that the ranch also produced cocoa, the key ingredient for chocolate, as well as other agricultural products.The workers were sleeping in hammocks at the ranch when gunmen burst over the doors at dawn, tied employees up with the hammocks’ ropes and shot all of them with automatic weapons, Ortega said.Yinith Guerrero, a regional human rights activist, said from La Gabarra that villagers were fleeing the area as news of the massacre spread.No less than five people were injured and taken by boat to a hospital from the nearby town of Cucuta.”We saved ourselves by running toward the mountain,” Jesus Bayona, 45, who was shot in the foot, told AP from his hospital bed.The La Duquesa ranch is nestled amid the thick jungle and steep mountains of the Norte de Santander province, where FARC rebels along with their right-wing paramilitary foes are locked in a bitter struggle for control of the lucrative drugs trade.The most notable commander of the main paramilitary umbrella group referred to as United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, or AUC, denied involvement within the killing and said his forces later helped remove the victims’ bodies.”We condemn the massacre by the FARC … completed against a peasant community that had nothing to do with the conflict,” Salvatore Mancuso told local radio from your safe haven in northwest Colombia where his group is pursuing peace talks using the government.Paramilitary militias have been blamed for a few of the worst massacres in Colombia’s civil war, which kills approximately 3,500 people each year.The FARC has spurned calls to declare a cease-fire and enter negotiations, the government and the country’s smaller rebel group, the nation’s Liberation Army, or ELN, are currently trying to find common ground for peace talks. By Kim Housego
“When you have a drug that gives you a high like this is giving right this moment, it’s destined to be abused,” says Sgt. Kerry Rowland in the Cincinnati Police Department. Leon Stukelj, a gymnast who won six medals at the Olympics and was the world’s oldest living Olympic champion, died Monday, four days lacking his 101st birthday. Stukelj called an ambulance from his home, complaining of heart pains Sunday. When doctors arrived, his heart began failing and electric shocks still did not revive him. He died in the hospital. He had maintained his health by working out on rings in his apartment and also by taking hourlong walks in a park. Stukelj won gold medals within the horizontal bar and all-around competition at the 1924 Paris Games. He won another gold in the rings four years later in Amsterdam. Also, he won two bronze medals at Amsterdam, in the all-around and team exercises, along with a silver in the rings at Berlin in 1936. Certainly one of his trademark moves continues to be known as the Stukelj maneuver. Stukelj is Slovenia’s most internationally recognized citizen. Slovenian President Milan Kucan decorated him in 1996 using the country’s highest national honors. “I was stunned by the news,” said 60-year-old Miro Cerar, who followed his sports idol, winning Olympic gold medals about the horse in 1964 and 1968. “He was approaching 101, but it was still a surprise because his mind was functioning in this good condition,” Cerar told The Associated Press. Kucan sent a public telegram expressing sympathy to Stukelj’s wife and family. “He molded the spirit and body into a perfect whole, understanding how to search for truth in life,” Kucan wrote. “Slovenia will sincerely mourn losing such a man.” Stukelj will be remembered by many Slovenians for his childlike vitality and delicate touch. “To us sportsmen and females, he represented the highest ideals you are able to reach,” said Brigita Bukovec, who won a bronze medal from the 100-meter women’s hurdles for Slovenia in 1996. “However, we, and also the world, only realized his great achievements in recent years, through his perpetually youthful soul.” Stukelj quit gymnastics at 38. He then went on to work as a judge and in addition wrote books on his sport. He remained associated with Slovenian sports to the end of his life. Stukelj came to be on Nov. 12, 1898 in Novo Mesto, near the eastern border with Croatia. He is survived by his wife and daughter, both named Lidija. His funeral is Friday at Maribor. On Tuesday, the Slovene Olympic Committee and Maribor city council plan ceremonies.(C)1999 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. These toppers may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed
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A new CBS News poll finds that confidence in Catholic Church leaders is falling because of their handling of the Church sex abuse scandals. And a lot believe that Cardinal Bernard Law, Archbishop of Boston, should step down from office.Scandal From the Catholic Church: Cardinal Law’s DepositionEven as depositions began within a civil case against the Boston Archdiocese because of its handling of charges of sexual abuse of minors with a priest, the public’s opinion of methods Catholic Church leaders have handled charges of sexual abuse by priests has continued to decline. Now, only about 10 % Americans, and just 14% of Catholics, think Church leaders did a good job. Two weeks ago, positive assessments, while low, were about twice as high.The number of Americans who think the U.S. leaders from the Catholic Church are doing a poor job is currently 83%, compared to 61% who thought that about a couple weeks ago.U.S. Church Leaders’ Handling Of Scandal ?All (Now)Catholics (Now)All (4/2)Catholics (4/2)Good Job Ugg Fox Fur There was a lot going on we just didn’t have a chance to let you know this past week. CBS News Correspondent David Jackson takes a look. Heavenly DiscoveryFor instance, did you know that there’s something new up there? Newly spotted, actually, and way up there. CalTech astronomers spotted faintly glowing gas spheres that are slowly cooling. They’re a new form of stellar object and may are the most common objects in out galaxy. They’re calling them “L dwarfs” and they may change our way of classifying stars based on temperature and chemistry. It seems that these new things just don’t fit the mold.My Oh Mir!Russia’s Mir space station is at money trouble. The Russian government hasn’t paid the state-run company that operates it. There’s $70 million outstanding from a year ago, and not a cent has been paid yet this year. “Can’t work this way”, says an organization exec. Unless bills are paid they might bring the crew home?—and send Mir flaming with the atmosphere this Fall?—per year ahead of schedule.Birds Of an Feather . . . Bark Like A Dog?And listen! It hoots like an owl and barks like a dog. It is a brand new bird spotted in Ecuador. It’s regarded as part of a line of long-legged, non-migrating birds that join forest floors and eat insects. They’re 10 inches long and have a broad white stripe less than the eye. Now comes peer review and perhaps then, they’ll name it.Big MoneyThere’s a brand new coin in circulation in Britain. The master of the royal mint calls it a worthy addition. It’s a colorful two-pound coin worth about 3-and-a-quarter at current rates. It has a silver center with a gold-colored ring across the outside. Cheers!Old Rules Remain RulesA Massachusetts appeals court says indigenous peoples can clam on Cape Cod anytime. One town prosecuted two different people for violating an ordinance against recreational shell fishing on certain times of the week. But the appeals court looked time for the Treaty of Falmouth, signed by King George II, and ruled which it gives native Americans open season.Oops! Here is your House BackThen there’s Brenda Williams. She came home from a vacation to her house in Mississippi to find a “for sale” sign in her yard and nothing inside. Everything had been repossessed. It absolutely was an address mix up! She thrives on Riverbend Circle. The bank really wanted people on Riverbend Road. Sorry Brenda.(C)1998, CBS Worldwide Inc., All Rights Reserved