Re: Strength and Honour


The premiere of Strength and Honour went down really well last night. Whether you love this film of hate it, it has to be said that the level of work and support gone into this film is wonderful to see. Well done to Mark Mahon who did something in Cork that has never been done on this scale before and to all the cast and crew involved, especially the members of the forum! :wink:

The film itself is the tale of a man who has to find all his physical and emotional strength to save the life of his son by taking part in an illegal bare knuckle boxing tournament. In a personal opinion some of the bigger performances were a bit weak but the local ones really made up for it. Vinny Jone’s character went down really well with the audience but it was obvious that the local performances were the favourites. Special mention should go to Michael Rawley who played "Chaser McGrath". The sub-plot in this film pulls on the heart strings harder than the main plot and this is mostly due to both Michael Rawleys great performance and Gail Fitzpatricks wonderful portrayal as "Mammy"

Pat Short was at it again with another amazing comical performance as "Wheeler McCoy". Not to forget Cork’s own Neil Prendeville’s great little cameo, which has to be said was really well played.

On an even more personal note i have to congratulate the lads, well done to Frank Hurley for getting a speaking part albeit a minor one, Michael Nagle again for a great speaking part and of course to all the local extras that took part many of which are members of the forum.