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Ok, so I need some more advice, specifically from someone who has already done the course. I’m filling out the application but I have to give a second choice course as well as Film Production.

So I need to know two things…

1. Is the second choice course one that you do if you can’t get a place on your first choice course or is it one you as well as your first choice?

2. Would it be worth my while giving TV and Video Production as my second choice?

The reason I need to know is because if the second choice is a course you go on if you don’t get your first choice, then TV and Video production would be a good choice, but if it’s one you do as well as your first choice, then I’d end up covering a lot of the same things twice and it might get confusing.

If it’s a second course that you are required to do as well as your first choice, then I was considering doing the computers course. I’ve actually already done it in Fas a few years ago, so I could take that course and breeze through it, being able to concentrate fully on Film Production.