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Hi all, i’ve finally finished the script for Yellow Woods, and i’m quite pleased with it – if i do say so my self. There’s a lot more action in it now, not just talking heads.

Anyway, i guess this post is about getting it made.

So….. basically i’m looking for a producer (ahem, hint, hint, sean….), DOP, crew, cast etc…
i was thinking i’d like to have a go at directing the film, as i’ve the entire thing visualised in my head…..probably a very ambitious thought, but there you go… needless to say a very patient and talented DOP (and assistant director) would be needed…..

Oh, obviously this will be a very-very-very-very-very (x100) low budget film. I can’t pay fees etc, but i can feed anyone who gets involved (i’m a smashing cook), and arrange transport, etc, etc,…that sort of thing…

Anyone interested?