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"Teatowel":8744a wrote:

Just posting up to start cultivating an interest in a short film we’re planning on making (before April..fingers crossed!). Briefly, its a serious (hopefully somewhat poignant) film, about a lonely old man and his dog. He takes the dog for walks and uses him as means of striking up conversations with strangers. There’s a bit more to it than that and I can email anyone the script if they’d like to take a look. I’ll post it up in the writers section too. Any advice and suggestions would be welcome. Mainly we’ll be looking for actors:

-an older man (to look about 50/60 years old)
-2 younger men (about late 20’s/early 30’s)
-3 younger women (about late teens/early 20’s)

Theres no date for auditions yet – I just wanted to see if there was any interest initially.

We think we have a dog in mind for the er..canine role, but of course if anyone knows any dogs with acting skills let me know! Aside from actors, if anyone reads the script and thinks they would like to lend a hand, that’d be great too.[/quote:8744a]

Wow that sounds like a fab film ,
Hope the dog is a border collie?
The best of luck with film