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Set up is fantastic, we shoot a 3 ep cycle over 2 weeks first is a 3 day week in the b studio which is grand, single camera – well used to that at this stage. Then the second week is a 5 day in A studio a bit more complicated with it being multi camera you could use up to 3 but my scenes didnt warrant it and I stuck to 2. Being inside in an OB unit is a strange enviroment to be honest, but you get used to it very quickly. Then we go into an edit suite for 3 days with the offline editor all your b week stuff is assembled by the efp editor and your A stuff is cut live by V.T. I found the easiest thing to do in A was shoot a master with the live cuts as I had scripted then isolated the two cameras for clean mid shots and M.c.u’s gave me more than enough footage going into the edit. Then the thursday of your edit week is your review with the series prod. and he decides whether its good to air or whether we need pick ups or reshoots – thankfully mine went out as I had scripted – now just to get a full paid cycle :smash: