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Pork pies is an independant 20min crime drama. This darkly amusing thriller combines a first-class cast, a dazzling mix of mirth and malice, and a plot that keeps you guessing all the way home.

When petty thie[/color:3rtuozlp]f Philip (Emmet O’Riabhnaigh) and sidekick Vince (Stephe[/color:3rtuozlp]n Harrington) are given a "simple little job" to do by their boss Kieran Kingsley (Kieran Lynch) everything starts to go pear shaped. But when Frank the Butcher (Frank Hurley) and Steve the Fishmonger (Stephe[/color:3rtuozlp]n O’Connor) get involved, things really start to heat up.

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Love the look !!

Can I start getting people to look at it yet ?