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Eoin O hA

While reading those articles I was thinking about how much I disliked the re-design of iMovie.

[quote:23grdnk8]In 2007, Final Cut Pro’s original lead developer, Randy Ubillos, completely redesigned iMovie ’08 to streamline and simplify the iLife title.[/quote:23grdnk8]


[quote:23grdnk8]The Final Cut Pro team has since been put back under the direction of Ubillos, according to information AppleInsider has obtained, with the aim of similarly improving Final Cut Studio…Because Apple now primarily sells the Express version, the company wants to rethink Final Cut Studio and scale its overall development to better fit the majority of its customers.[/quote:23grdnk8]

worry me.

[quote:23grdnk8]Apple’s response was apparently originally directed to CNET, which reported in a post by Jim Dalrymple that any efforts to retarget Final Cut Pro to match the needs of its actual audience "would mean Apple would target customers moving to Final Cut Studio from the company’s more basic iMovie application, instead of continuing to offer more high-end features designed for video professionals."[/quote:23grdnk8]

is exactly what I’d be afraid of. I’ll certainly be backing up my existing version of Final Cut before installing any new release.