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don’t have any thing going in just a willingness to learn all i took on my first day was an a4 refill pad and a pen. don’t worry about a camera. media analysis is looking at different forms of media production but do watch out for desktop publishing, text production and communications major snore fests.

1st year really does suck!!!! be ready for lectures on attendance their kinda anal about it

as for work experience they’ll accept most stuff related to the course such as camera work or sound i did mine in Ros na Run and then in a radio station on the sound desk. ask photographers as well a lot of my year went to photographers. avoid the stations like rte they’ll just have you observing rather than actually experiencing if you wanna write why not try to get in touch with a dram group like corca dorca ( cant spell it) or graffiti maybe even the echo or the examiner you could also ask a lot of wedding videoers i’d try to have atleast one week set up before hand as when every one starts looking they fill up pretty fast.

thats my advice any way take from it what you will. if you’re directed on just writing the course may not be for you a lot of it is the technichal side of things to begin with and if you have no interest in these things at all then you’ll loose interest very quickly every body wants to be a director or write when they first go in though then they find out they have interest in other aspects too. you wont really have a dedicated script writing class till second year all you’ll learn in first year is layout.

i loved the course but you get from it what you put in !