Re: Moves to create a club


I’m going to make a call here and say that this thread remains open until the 22nd of February , That’s Friday week.
So any more comment or input , try and get it in before that . I’d like to hold the First AGM in early March .

As far as I can make out a solid insurance policy will cost around €600 annually for up to 50 people, there are other types of personal insurances ( that cover public liability for individuals in a group ) that may be cheaper, if the numbers are small ( ie 10 people at €40 a head ) but they might not have the scalability ( 600/20 = 30 whereas 40 * 20 = 800 )

These aren’t exact figures as I haven’t gotten full quotes yet . I’m looking at Allianz ( who do a policy for the 101st Airborne ) and at Arachas ( who also do Film Production insurance) and I’m thinking of asking Axa as well .

Gives you an Idea though , that likely if there are 10 – 20 members , Annual subscription should be in around €50 .

I’ll be sending a mass mail on this soon