Re: Moves to create a club


I’ll see if I can answer that there
The aim of the club is to engage in and promote filmmaking in the Cork region for the benefit of members and the public at large.

That is the club should make films using it’s members and their talent and then promote those films ( To festivals , distributors ,holding screenings etc )
I’d prefer that membership fees go towards resources ( equipment , licensed software, insurance and promoting the club)
THan specific projects although that may be possible . Realistically no amount of subscriptions is ever going to fund a film , Donations and fundraising might , but might not go the distance and it might not be sustainable . People still need to do the work on their own projects and funding , but we would be able to pool resources and talents to make that whole thing more achievable. And Fun as opposed to stressful and disheartening as it can be at times.

The thing with the membership fees is not an easy thing , I could pick a figure but that’s not the best thing to do . If we come around to an agreed strucure and we know how many people are genuinely interested , we can hold the first AGM and vote in officers , have the officers analyse things and present it back to people then have a vote on it to set the membership fee , reviewing it annually.

One of the things I had thought about would have been that members would get a free season Pass to Futureshorts in Cork
that would be worth about 50 eur, The Issue of insurance is another one , I’m trying to get a quote on that at the moment So that would give a better idea of how much would be needed in subscriptions . All in all I don’t want to be paying too much myself so …

Hope that helps !!