Re: Moves to create a club


I haven’t voted yet, because I want to get some more information, mostly with regard to finance (membership fees etc).

You see, personally, I’d like to see any such club be geared towards making films and nurturing talent.

For example, let’s say that membership is €20 and you get 100 members. That’s €2000…so what would that money be spent on? I don’t like the idea of awards because that ultimately is only going to benefit a select few members, and there are already a few organisations out there, such as Filmbase that offer such incentives.

I’d much rather see any income going towards actually making films, especially for those who can’t afford to make their own. There is no substitute for experience, and where I feel that places like have failed, is in actually providing ways for people to actually get experience.

Essentially, rather than be a filmase-like organisation, make Egomotion more of a production company. There are plenty of writers and directors here, a lot of whom simply can’t afford to attend workshops or hire out equipment or do courses. The same goes for sound designers, actors and cinematographers etc.

Any money that comes into the club should be used to fund movies, and give people the chance to actually go out and get a film made. Community projects.

At least that’s what I think. There’s no point in spending money on something that you’re not going to benefit from.