Re: Moves to create a club


just wondering if you hope to set up a club (for which i voted yes) how do we decide which films get made. What i propose is a pitching session on the night of future shorts.

That could be done as follows:
we allow no more than 5 entries per session
the producer or director or both speaks for five minuites about the merits of their movie and why it should be made.
these happens 1 at beginning of night before films are shown
2 at first interval
3 at second interval
ina a break down of 2-1-2
then people vote on the movies in order of preference of 1 to 3
those people with the highest votes go onto a second pitch session at the club meeting and the club selects the best two.
no one individual may pitch more than twice in a night.

If we hold one pitching session per month at future shorts and then have the second session every second month that would give us 6 films for the club to choose from. that way egomotion are working on twelve films a year provisinally speaking which gives us a greater chance in terms of festivals funding etc.

its just an idea and like most of mine i’m sure is full of holes here and there. but the reality is this is how movies are picked in the industry and i feel would help people if they are looking for grants etc to get their film off the ground on their own steam.

It would also allow people the chance to work in different areas or maybe the club can allocate a a crew to reflect the best that egomotion has got.

Those selected films would then be showcased as egomotion films and people who have limited or no resources could get their film made with the help of ego motion. i feel that if the club is to be a success such a system would be imperative in terms of fairness alone and maybe we could start wensday night if you hope to have the first meeting in march.

again just my ponderings feel free to pick away at them. :smash: