Re: List yourself here


Yo Inky.
Glad you liked the sketch i sent you. Just about everything i write has strong (or at least highly visable) characters.
I like the different aspects of peoples personalities and how they interact. You are right when you say the piece i sent looks as if it might be the start of something bigger. It’s taken from an idea i’ve had running around in my head for a long time but never commited to paper. The origoinal idea has a lot more characters and i scaled it back. One of the reasons i’ve never got down to writing it is because i can’t decide whether to do it as a novel or a screen play.

By the way i’m writing somethihg for Dan to look at, at the moment and i was wondering is there somewhere on the site i can post it so anyone interested can look at it. I’m still finding my way around the site but need to get to work.
I’ll be in touch again before the end of the week.

Good luck