Re: Kommando


Actually it starts at 6 Sean, so its probably wiser to be there for 5.30

A lot of people have expressed an interest so far we have a few writers and directors showing up along with crew members, we have actors galore available but the more the merrier.

So far we have 2 camera’s and a lighting kit, would be great if someone showed up with a sound background. Or if you want to do your own film and cant find the cast and crew bring your camera along and we’ll help you get organised.

Have no idea what we will be shooting or where and if you can’t make it at 6ish at the triskal just text us your number and we’ll contact you when we know more details

send your text of interest to 083 3348285

Rmember filmmaking is a collaborative effort, the more hands you have around to help the better the result!