Re: film soundtracks


well my internet is as slow as a dead horse but ive 2 pieces up on myspace, if ya wanna take a look, il be uploading a few more electronic stuff soon. ive never done film music before so the music on myspace might not suit what ur doing yet but itl give u an idea of the kind of stuff i write, usually fast energetic "post minimalism" im told, but thats only a small section of what i can do, have a listen to them and tell me what u tink. what kinda films r u doing?

the parallel sulpher permit was written for the crash ensemble competition in dublin, it didnt win unfortunately but they emailed me saying they were very impressed with it. the other piece was written for a music degree in waterford under eric sweeney, (1st class honours)

il be starting a master in UCC next year in composition and sound design etc, and id love to get a film or two under my belt before i go because i want to specialise in film music when im there.