Re: Festival Highlights


Best International Short Film
Tolya, Dir. Rodeon Brodsky, Israel

Special Mentions:
The Tube With A Hat, Dir. Radu Jude, Romania
Suburban Train, Dir. Maciej Cuske, Poland

PrixUIP Cork for Best European Short Film
The Apology Line, Dir. James Lees, England

Special Mention:
Frankie, Dir. Darren Thornton, Ireland
Jury Statement
The International Jury comment on the variation and high calibre of films in this year’s International Shorts programmes. They acknowledge the thoughtful way in which the programmes were assembled and feel that films within each programme complemented each other and took you all around the world. The jury shared similar sensibilities and, from a longlist of nineteen films and a shortlist of six, made a unanimous decision with relative ease. They commend the people of Cork for their support of the festival and appreciate the immediate responses they received from these generous audiences.

International Jury: Dieter Wiecorek, Germany; Paddy Jolley, Ireland; Felicity Sparrow, England.

Absolut Award for Best Irish Short Film
Frankie, Dir. Darren Thornton

Darren Thornton’s work demonstrates not only impressive accomplishment in the artistry of filmmaking, but also perceptive empathy with human frailty, taking a familiar ‘social problem’ subject and bringing it to very affecting life, in the person of a young boy trying very hard to do the right thing.

Special Mention
An Cailleach Bhéarra
Animator Naomi Wilson’s original vision and playfull inventivness enlivens this retelling of a traditional Irish legend with striking images that will remain with us for a long time to come.

Claire Lynch Award for Best First-time Irish Director
Death In The West, Dir. Keith Mannix

Director Keith Mannix’s work blends documentary with fiction to take us into the life of an elderly man and, with humour, compassion and patient observation, constructs from his day’s simple routines a deeply moving portrait.

Special Mention:
The Discreet Charms of the Refugee, Dir, Colm Quinn
Writer-Director Colm Quinn makes pointedly effective use of economical means to examine and critique the artifice of filmmaking’s pretensions to ‘truth’.

National Jury: Andrew Kötting, England; George Eldred, USA; Geraldine Gomez, France

Irish Examiner ‘Made In Cork’ Award
Torture Is Us, Dir. Noel Twomey

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the standard in the ‘Made In Cork’ category this year was higher than ever. And that made for a long and protracted discussion among the Jury members. So, after much horse-trading, it came down to two films. Sliding into a convincing second is Trails, Ciara Kennedy’s well-crafted, memorable and charming boy meets snail story. And for its significant accomplishment, we’d like to give Trails a special mention. A special mention also goes to Mosquito Bites.

However, the overall prize goes to a film depicting the questionable entrepreneurial skill of one Scooter Twomey. For its humorous approach to a serious subject – Ireland’s role in international torture through US ‘extraordinary rendition’ – this year’s Irish Examiner ‘Made In Cork’ award goes to Noel Twomey, for Torture Is Us.

‘Made In Cork’ Jury: Emma Bowell, Ian McDonagh, Ian Kilroy

Youth Jury Award for Best International Short Film
The Last Dog in Rwanda, Dir. Jens Assur, Sweden

Firstly we would like to thank Cork Film Festival, our parents and our schools for this great opportunity. We selected this film for its evocative, powerful and disturbing narrative. This is a story of two nihilistic men, their passion for war in their quest for glory and fame.

Youth Jury: David O’Mahony, Hayley Maher, Johannes Ruckstuhl

Gradam Gael Linn for Best Irish Language Short Film
Rolla Saor, Dir. Cathal Watters

‘Award of the Festival’ for Best Short Film
The Minutes After, Dir. Nikolay Todorov, Bulgaria

OutLook Award for Best LGBT Short Film
Gero, Gerd and the Great, Dir. Lisa Adler, Germany

Jury Statement
This is a memorable short film that explores sexuality and relationships through humour and music.

Audience Award for Best International Short Film
New Boy, Dir. Steph Green, Ireland

Audience Award for Best Irish Short Film
An Créatúr, Dir. Peter Foott

Kommando Film Award
Piebald, Dir. Michael O’Gorman