Re: Festival Highlights


[quote:4f23d]Didn’t make it up for the MID, what was the standard like, any good films to look out for, apart from voices of course…[/quote:4f23d]

I’ll assume you meant MIC,

Yea some pretty stiff competition at the made in Cork section,
[quote:4f23d]Extracting Money
Niall O’Keeffe
Ireland | 2007 | 4mins | Beta | Colour
A young girl is determined to buy a new doll but she does not have enough money. What can she do?[/quote:4f23d]
A wonderful tale of a child so desperate for money she decides to get it from the tooth fairy by pulling out her teeth. great short, well done Niall

Also worth mentioning was
[quote:4f23d]Torture Is Us
Noel Twomey
Ireland | 2006 | 29mins | DVD | Colour
Scooter Twomey endeavours to set up his own independent torture company in lieu of the CIA being banned from Europe for extraordinary rendition.[/quote:4f23d]
A great comedy documentary, some really funny bits, Scooters performance was cheeky and fun.

[quote:4f23d]The Hound & The Host
Paul Callanan
Ireland | 2007 | 20mins | Beta | Colour
For years Marcus Nolan has been photographing hidden symbols in the landscape and collecting old folk tales from the West of Ireland. One day in the mountains he finds his Holy Grail.[/quote:4f23d]
Very well made documentary, Marcus Nolans character is priceless, great timing, great length well produced.

[quote:4f23d]Mosquito Bites
Treasa O’Brien
Ireland | 2007 | 12mins | DVD | Colour
Exploring the phenomenon of the ‘mosquito’ – an ultrasonic sound used as a ‘deterrent’
against loitering teenagers in Cork city’s Rory Gallagher Square.
Very well made documentary, the deafening sound at the end really made it, perfect to see it in the Cinema where you cant control the volume, this documentary made a very valid argument.

[quote:4f23d]Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal
Conor Heffernan
Ireland | 2007 | 30mins | DVD | Colour
A journey to meet sixties’ acid folk band, and the best kept secret in Irish rock history; Dr Strangely Strange.[/quote:4f23d]
Vey well produced documentary, i felt it may have been slightly long winded, would appeal more to people who knew the band i think but it has to be said the production value on this one was the best.

those were my favourite ones in order of preference, the rest were all pretty good, but i would put my money on one the ones above to win.