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Spend the last 2 days inside premiere now and finished a 4min edit complete with colour grade using CURVES!

Found the whole process quite interesting, there are definately some great benefits to premiere,

1 being the native editing of H264 without a complete meltdown.
2 the video plays back anything you can throw at it but it does tend to skip frames a lot, this differs from FCP, where final cut simply wont play the files untill you render them, CS5 will play them regardless.
3 Rendering is sweet in CS5, it really gives specific information as to what it is currently rendering, good detailed rendering window compared with FCP’s simple percentage bar.
4 Retiming is way cooler in CS5 especially if your used to working in AE
5 I do like the nice dark background when working puts the media centre stage.
6 oh yes this one is just awesome, working with titles in CS5 is brilliant, so much options and a great input method, like having a mini photoshop right inside the app.
7 Colour correction is simply wonderful, just like being in after effects!

All in All i found the whole process very educational and with those handy FCP shortcuts very easy to get a grips with.

I did miss being able to label clips different colours, and the nice snappy timeline (this is a drag in CS5, dragging clips around the timeline is fairly jerky and stiff), and not being able to find a decent replacement for the widescreen effect in FCP was a pain, but most of these are probably down to my lack of knowledge about the program and could come with time.

As it stands I am a temporary convert (will do one or two more edits before i decide) but am eager to see what FCP does with its next release in the hopes I can go back to the program I love so much.

I will post the video I edited online in a few days once I get it finalised.

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