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Well what a night! I had a great time, the flick was great but the company was even better. Q&A session was great, well done to Sean for asking Quentin a question, "What advice would you give to an up and comming producer" quentins response "Find a good writer and Director and hang on to them for dear life!"

Many other questions answered including advice to an up and comming Director to which he responded by saying,"Do not use a monitor on set, but stand right by the camera at all times." makes sense as your close to the actors and crew, instead of bing stuck in a dark corner while your movie is made by other people.

Lots of other great questions and answers a few shite ones, but all in all a fantasic experience, Watching a movie in the same cinema as quentin is great, but watching a tarrantino film with quentin and hundreds of quentin fans is another thing, I recommend to everyone to seize any other opportunities like this if they ever arrise!