Re: Deadline is November 30th!


nice little one here for a micro budget short

[quote:64478]About Virtual Cinema
Virtual Cinema is a new scheme for the making of high-quality short films that are suited to the new forms of digital video consumption. Films made under the scheme can be live-action or use any kind of animation technique.

The scheme aims to encourage exploration of fresh filmmaking ground, with no creative holds barred. Deliberately, no guidelines are offered at this stage with regard to content or style, though material likely to give serious offence is unlikely to be funded.

Films may be made in Irish or English.

Parameters of the Scheme
– Number of films: up to 10 per year

– Duration: maximum 2 minutes

– Budget per film: maximum €2,000

– Format:
– Origination on any digital format or flash animation
– Delivery on digital format suitable for

Who Can Apply
Applications are invited from teams or individuals who can provide a CV and showreel demonstrating some relevant past experience. Full-time students are not eligible. [/quote:64478]