Re: Deadline is December 14th


See , IFTN is rong rong rong sometimes.

Anyways on Saturday they said they’d be extending it. But We should not be applying for The Signatures funding unless we already have talked to them about a feature, that’s the long and short of it .

On the 2000 thing , yeah , I think that’s just their way of cheaply finding some way to stave off the shite they get submitted every year and give guys with the " dyknow it’d be mad if we made a film that …." something to keep them distracted. No , Film board funding is now going to be directly about producers and directors the board wants in the business , writing shorts is relegated to a secondary status . ( hence the rates )

Soon enough it’ll be find a producer and director who likes your short and we might let them make it . But realistically all this is fine . Let the Film Bard do that , it’s their Job.

From the Film Board

Applications are invited from producer/director/writer teams (where the producer and director are not the same person) subject to eligibility guidelines as follows:

Producers – must have previously produced at least one short film*
Directors – must have previously directed at least one short film*
Writers – need not have previously written for the screen

Producers, Directors and Writers – may apply to make more than one SIGNATURES film but not more than three in a 10-year period

The scheme is not open to full-time students

* SIGNATURES is not a wide-open scheme in terms of the talent it aims to attract: it is designed to enable the making of short films by producers and directors with new creative voices but also with some measure of professional experience. Accordingly a short film made as part of college work will not be considered eligible in this context, though a graduation film that has achieved significant festival exposure might be.

• The following rates will apply to the production budgets of all films made under the scheme:
– Producer: €2,000
– Director: €2,000
– Writer: €1,300
– Writer-Director: €3,000
– Daily rate for all cast and crew (as agreed annually with the
Film Group of Unions) June 2007-June 2008: €115
– Insurance: 1.2% of budget
– Contingency: 5% of budget


I’m Going to look for Clarification on those rates €2000 a day only for talent like me , must be Wrong.