Re: Cork Film Festival


Thanks for the advice!
Yes, it’s hard to determine what a short film should be. But I would agree that a short film can do without sub-plots; it gets too messy otherwise. It’s best to focus on one theme.
I guess a lot of shorts tend to be one act…some are sort of like a segment from the lives of the characters. Heh I’m getting carried away now..! But it is an interesting topic.
Also, yes, from the shorts I viewed at previous Cork film festivals, I gathered that Mick Hannigan does indeed like his ‘quirky’ shorts. I’m not sure if this is fair; all types should get a look in…even if quirky scripts are fun to write and possibly more fun to make. I have seen some stuff that seems to be wierd for the sake of wierd though.
Saying all that, I really liked that short that won the audience award two years back: I wonder does anyone remember was done in ‘film noir’ was about a hard-boiled detective in County Waterford!