Re: Cork Film Festival


Far as I know between July 2006 and now is the completion.

As for duration for a short , some festivals ( Cannes is one I think) consider 59 mins and less to be a short , other go for 30 mins or less and others go for 15 mins or less.

As far as I’m concerned as long as it’s complete in itself then it’s irrelevant what the duration is . if three mins works then three it is , if it takes 22mins 30 secs

If you are trying to get into the Cork film Fest my most solid advice is to tell you what Mick Hannigan likes in shorts , they have to be a little quirky , they have to have their own little hook. Outside that the short Form is very difficult to define. That’s a subject that has been very hot in recent years. My own personal views on a short are that they are defined by their structure , content and intent. Structure , a short doesn’t follow the three act structure of a feature , instead they are fluid , being one act , two act or reversed acts . In content I feel a short shouldn’t have subplots , or alternate themes , so they would normally deal with a single or maybe two strong themes or ideas, and lastly intent is the most difficult to pin , but I like to think that with a short the intent of the filmmaker is more purely directed at the dialogue with the audience than normally found in a feature.