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the idea i have is to send four actors the script that i have got along with a character bio. Then get those actors in a room read a few scenes then do some improv and see where it goes. The story is about a 30 something woman who is a private detective, a kind of raymond chandler esque role reversal , who specialises in child cases.

The reason she does so is she is looking for her own child who was taken away from her by her parents as they were well to do and she had had an affair with a married friend of the family.

There is a serial killer targeting children and she is offered the case by a shady guy who pays her over the odds for doing so.

to cut along story short the killer is the mentally retarded brother of her married lover, who procures the kids from different orphanages and single struggling mothers then grooms them and eventually hands them over to his retarded brother who abuses them and eventually kills them. The married lover then dumps the body in different locations in matching cases.

The shady guy turns out to be a helper in the organisation but decided to blackmail the lover for more money. The lover "adopts" his own love child unbeknownst to himself and is grooming him to give to his brother. Ending is a bit sketchy but the private detective interrupts the "handover" and kills the retarded brother and after a tussle her married lover , she then sets then "orphan" free and goes back to her search for her child.

let me know what you think