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Sorry to be a party pooper but Paddy’s feature (Tree Keeper) is budgeted at a lot over 15k (Try adding a zero on the end and then some)

Shooting a feature on 16mm for 15K is technically impossible for the following simple reason:

Kodak Vision2 100T 7212 400ft (120m) costs about E150.00 (Just over 10 min of runtime at 24fps)

Lets say you shoot 7 reels a day (Fairly conservative) thats E1050.00 for stock

Assuming a very tight shooting schedule of 15 days (25 -40 days would be normal for a indi feature)

Thats E15,750 just for raw stock,
Chances are you might what to develop some of this stock.
And sync the sound to the rushes
And get a least an 1080 scan so you can edit it and view it (or at least an SD telecine, if your feeling very broke)

In real terms it would be very difficult to shoot a feature length project on 16mm for less than about E45,000 to E50,000

And that excludes all the costs of the film (Like wages, rentals, accommodation, transport, insurance, post, you get the idea)

And before I get flamed as a digital lovin old sod, my super 16 is sitting on the shelf above my computer and yes it does make a lovely whirling sound

Listen to the lads above and spend your money on a DSLR and a couple of nice old primes and start shooting
All the best
Rupert Mac
DP The Tree Keeper (Which we seriously considered shooting on Super 16 :wink: )