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HAHAHAHA im back!!

Hey fellas,this is THE mr. Liam christopher Anthoney O Connor Golding O Driscoll,that name of course didnt do down so well in the interview!!

Well,where does one start,you guys are so very VERY professional in your aproach to pretty much everything,well everything i saw on the night anyway,some real hard work went into this and i hope we all get somthing good from it,but after watching every short film you have on your site,i think you it would be ideal for you good fellas to get somthing solid out of this,lets start the hoping process! <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

And as said above,we’d LOVE to start doing some film work,we’ve been going around like headless chickens in a chinease fireworks shop for months wondering how the hell do you get started,so with the help of you guys hopefully we can get the foot in the door.

Im not a one time poster by the by,im pretty sure m registered to every forum in the world,except that one in El Salvador…somthing about my Welsh skin??I dunno,good Luck guys,and call me soon!!