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    Hi all just to let you know we are running a new 10 week course covering all the basics of good Scriptwriting! Designed to start you writing if you already aren’t and to improve your skills if you already are! Starts Tues 28th Sept from 7-10pm in the Cork Film Centre, 50 Pope’s Quay, Cork. Runs for ten weeks, costs 295 euro, places strictly limited. Call 087 7911316 to book or checkout :grin:

    Eoin O hA

    Hi Ciara, me again. <img loading=” title=”Smile” /> Beyond structure and format what are you teaching in this course?


    Hi Eoin!

    Again, better late than never! :grin: A lot of the course is based around structure because a good script fails or succeeds primarily on whether it’s well structured or not. But other stuff is also really important – identifying your genre (or non-genre!), finding your vision, writing dialogue that rings true, developing believable characters. hooking your audience, creating tone ……..etc!

    We also spend a lot of time encouraging people to write from their gut and their heart cos that’s where all really good writing comes from!

    Hope that helps! if you’ve any more questions just let me know – I promise it won’t be six months before I answer them! :smash:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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