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Okay so here it is, the first meeting of Red Carrot Productions (Working title). The gathering for all things and all people Comedic. Bring your scripts, ideas for scripts, ideas about ideas for scripts but most of all bring yourselves.
Alright, besides the silliness I just want to say that I am delighted with the response I’ve had to the idea of setting up this group and I hope as many of you as possible who are interested can make this first meeting.

The Agenda will be pretty simple; mainly focusing on what it is we want to achieve and how we are going to go about achieving it. With regards to scripts; by all means bring a few copies of them along to pass around but remember I don’t know how much time we will be able to devote to any one script at the time. What’s most important first is that we get a feel for what it we are going to be dealing with and who can do what.

The date of the Meeting is Sunday, the thirteenth of April, that’s two Sundays from now and it will be held in the, Silken Thomas Pub, on the main street of Kildare town at 1pm. I’ve got us a room and there will be tea and sandwiches served.

A word of warning; if I have to drink all the tea and eat all the sandwiches myself, expect a visit from a large angry man, and if my dad can’t make it, I can.

Between now and then I may pop the odd question out there to you as I build up the agenda. But for the most part I hope to keep the meeting pretty simple.

Thanks again to all who have shown an interest and remember this could very well be the first step to a life of fame and fortune for all, so chins up, trousers down and flash your arse to as many people as you can on the trip up.

Hanman aka Aaron.