Re: Moves to create a club


HI. I just came across this thread and think you’ve really got the bones of something good started here.
One thing however. The whole Cork only angle thing is a bit narrow. I for one come from Dublin and wold love to be involved (Bearing in mind that i can write and that’s it. Although i wouldn’t mind trying a bit of acting. But enough about me)but some people might get the impression (rightly or wrongly) that if your not from Cork your not welcome.
I understand that most of you guys that run this site are from Cork and that’s fine. But somehitng like this could very quickly spread into somethiing bigger reguardless of wheather or not you want it to[*].

I would recomend that you relax about trying to keep it small. Make you movies in Cork while most of the partisipants are there but don’t cut yourselves off from the rest of us, either phyisicaly or mentally.