Hi to all the Newbs!


Hows it going new guys, can’t wait to get workin with y’all

We have a few projects on the horizon, 3 members of our forum are acting in a short on sunday week, plus myself and Sean, If anyone would like to tag along and check it out I’m sure we could fit you in as extras like!

I will post the place and time of the production as soon as I have one booked, It would be nice to meet a few folks from the forum there, an informal meet & greet.

Myself and Sean are looking into organising an official meet and greet night so we can talk about what we are going to be doing, and to get some people acting, directing, writing etc, So make sure you get to one of those nights as I think thats why y’all logged on!

Just a quick note, we are currently looking for scripts and short story ideas, we have a few directors here who are screaming for a bit of work, as soon as those guys get going all you actors out there will be up on the big screen, so any help at all on short scripts would be great!


Dont be afraid to organise your own projects on here, Communication is Key, you are all free to post threads and talk about anything you like, look forward to reading them, Best of luck!